May/June 2015

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AnneMarie Gagnon, Receptionist – Many of those who call our Center pointed out what a delight to hear AnneMarie’s polite, courteous and friendly voice. She is an outstanding receptionist who always maintains her professional demeanor.

Michael Parker, CNA – Michael’s dedication has been noted by many visitors and colleagues over the past months. He came back one night to the Center on his evening off to help with the dance activity. He put up decorations and danced with all of the residents. He really went out of his way to make sure that all had a great time. Michael supported that team so that they could all serve the residents to the fullest.

Facia Addo, LPN – Facia is a very caring LPN who is very loyal to the Center. She never complains and does her job well. She is a reliable team member; she takes the staff under her wings. She is a good leader for the units. Facia is kind to the residents, knows everything about them and can answer any questions regarding them. She is doing an excellent job and always finishes her work on time.

Wendy Johnson, CNA – Wendy is a very caring professional. One of our patients pointed out how she repositioned her on 2-hour intervals, even if it meant she had to wake her up to do it. Although she apologized for having to interrupt her sleep, she greatly appreciated Wendy’s strict adherence to the doctor’s guidelines and her commitment to the patient’s well-being. “The only correct actions are those that demand no explanation and no apology”.

Cynthia Addy, CNA – Cynthia’s consistent hard work is very much appreciated by all.  She is always pleasant and delivers excellent customer service. She is respectful towards all, kind and very patient. She is also a team player and her colleagues can count on her support any time.

Lynn Margelis, LPN – Lynn’s great attitude and professional approach to helping our patients was noted not only by our clients but by her colleagues and supervisors as well. She is caring, prompt and makes herself available when any questions asked. She is also a great support for her team and never hesitates to help out whenever it is needed.

Michael Wiechert, CNA – Michael’s dedication was noticed by many of our residents and staff. He demonstrates positive attitude and he works hard to make the residents comfortable, help them heal. Michael strives to give his best to his coworkers as well by supporting them whenever they need it. Potomac Falls is lucky to have him on the team!