July 2015

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Our STARS of the month are:

Ophelia Arthur, RN – Ophelia is a wonderful nurse and a great human being. One of our patient’s family member noticed that although Ophelia was not scheduled to take care of his loved one she visited her just to check how she was doing. This shows compassion and the fact that she cares about the person not just for the patient.

Jazzlyne Ellis, CNA – Jazzlyne is a very passionate CNA. She truly cares for every resident that she attends for. She is hardworking, always smiling while assisting others. Most recently many noted her efforts organizing a party for one of our patients; it really made the patients happy and feeling special. Jazzlyne is also a great team player; she supports her peers and gives them a helping hand without hesitation.

Zoila Diaz, Dietary Aide – Zoila often goes out of her way to ensure that everyone’s dining needs are met in the eating area. She provides the refills and encourages every resident to eat. Zoila delivers great customer service with compassion, kindness and cheerfulness that is so important when taking care of the elderly and infirm.

Alicia Kasey,CNA – Alicia’s performance throughout the last month shows consistent diligence in her everyday work. She is a great CNA who really cares and is concerned about our residents. She often goes above and beyond in her everyday duties to provide the best customer service. She is always open to learn new approaches in order to work with her team in more sufficient ways.