You Got Caught Caring – March 2015

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Genesis Alfaro – CNA is terrific! She is so wonderful and caring. She really likes caring for old people!
Radhika Cherukuri – Physical Therapist is what a caring angle. Very good communicator for my elderly Mom. I feared she’s never get beyond the wheelchair to her walker. What fantastic improvement. Such a good and caring nursing and therapy staff. No one following surgery and in pain is easy, but the staff here makes it look easy. Great dedication!
Michelle Board – Director of Dietary – very helpful to me with my diet. Goes out of her way, always very pleasant.
Mike Parker – CNA – asked if he could see how the therapist was getting patient up from bed. He took time to learn the appropriate steps for transferring this patient. Therapist educated Mike on proper application of sling. He was appreciative and then asked how to properly apply a brace on another patient. He stated, II want to do it right, I am here to do a good job.”
Malika Bougrine – CNA washed my hair; Cleaning crew member Maria gave me the “bestest” hug today I have ever had in a long time; Radhika Cherukuri – PT – called me by a name my mom used to call me and she looked into my eyes; Fengling Hu – CNA, extremely sensitive, gave me hugs when she saw me crying; tall, handsome Michael – CNA brought food tray with many of my favorite condiments and liquids. He spoke to me first in Espanol and it was like music to my heart. Fares called me by my first name my mother used to call me in Spanish; every time he sees me he smiles, he is upbeat, hardworking and did my laundry before the week was up. Rebecca Uri in Rehab – extremely sweet and sensitive to another petite lady. Cooking crew doing a great job; I gained 9 lbs.
We appreciate hearing ALL the good work our staff does!