You Got Caught Caring – February 2015

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“Patrice Fonkoua – CNA greeted the residents with a smile today and showed genuine care for them. He greeted residents in the dining room by their names and got lots of greetings back from the residents. You can see he enjoys his job and the residents he takes care of!”

Jaslynne Ellis- CNA is a model employee and performs her work with love, compassion and caring. Her gentle nature is wonderful. She should absolutely be commended for a job well done.

“Peggy Hojnacki – Unit Manager is a great asset to PF. She is always supportive of her colleagues and willing to offer a helping hand. She truly cares about her residents and staff and demonstrates that though her contributions at the Center. I am so grateful for her assistance and true spirit of teamwork. Thanks you for all you do!”

“I was a patient at your facility in September 2014 and again in January 2015. The quality of care, the quality of your staff that interfaces with patients, your therapy personnel and nurses are all geometrically better than in September, you are doing a great job to make Potomac a high end first class facility. Good Job! When I arrived at Potomac I had not eaten in ten or more days. Your director of Dietary Services and Dietitian put me on a soft food regimen and now I look forward to three meals a day. They were wonderful s was your chef who provided the food so I could eat it. Thank them all for me. Please thank Gina Damiano who is a wonderful asset for your company. She is understanding, concerned and very action oriented.”

Michael Parker – CNA came into the therapy room to ask if it was okay to put a patient back to bed or did they need to stay up in the wheelchair for a little bit longer. This displayed his carryover teamwork and therapy. Thanks Michael for taking the time for clarification.

“On February 4th as Alexander Koroma – Unit Manager was stepping out of the building to leave he stopped to fix the height of the bed from stuck at high position… On February 5th he was able to check a resident’s labs in the middle of the day and later he stepped back in the room to check on her even after she had been alright all day. I thank you so much for this extra staff concern. It is appreciated.” We thank you all for your hard work!!!