You Got Caught Caring – April 2015

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Simret Negatu – LPN treated my sister with warmth and sensitivity due to this she felt secure in Simret’s care. We both feel fortunate to have learned to know her.

Mike Parson – CNA – one nice man, every time I need some help, he was right there to help.

Gloria Chhay– RN –one sweet lady, made my last night here so comfortable. This is the first time I had to stay in a rehab center. I will tell all people bout Potomac Falls and I want to thank everybody that helped me in my recovery here. God bless you.”

Mary Amankwoah – CAN – has the most beautiful smile. Every time she greets me, her face lights up and I feel as if the sun is shining on me. Keep smiling, Mary!

Lillian Pobuta – LPN – We so appreciate Lillian’s care of Chris since PF opened especially having him dressed and putting him in and out of our car for an outing. None of this is easy at all.

Patrice Fonkuoah – CNA – Many thanks to him for also enabling Chris to go to the nearby park.

Tiffany Dawson – Director of PT. She always has a positive attitude and a great sense of humor. Tiffany generates great energy in our everyday professional life.

Thank you all! Mom has had a long recovery journey and today goes home. Questions were answered by a caring staff and encouragements offered every step of this journey. I credit the professionalism with the results mom has achieved. Mom made milestones improvement following surgery.

Mr. Hackley said to thank everyone for taking such good care of him while he was with us. He really enjoyed his time here and would recommend us to anyone who needs “vacation” or time to get better. He will definitely come back if he ever needs us again.

We appreciate hearing ALL the good work our staff does!