September 2015

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Esther Marshall, LPN

Esther is very caring and professional in her everyday work. Her positive attitude was noticed by all. A resident’s family member pointed out how she was relieved to have Esther as the nurse tending for her uncle and how for the first time after many challenging days she went home in peace without the constant worrying about her uncle.

Sam Bangura, CNA

Sam is a diligent CNA who provides the care with great professionalism, gentleness, compassion and patience. His customer service to the residents is well known and was pointed out by many. He always has a smile and attends to the residents with positive attitude and great kindness.

Patrice Fonkoua, CNA

Patrice is a very diligent and respectful employee. He always has a smile and gladly does any assignments. His positive attitude was noticed by all; residents speak highly of him all the time. He often goes the extra mile to make those he serves happy in his everyday work.