October 2015

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Abdul Kargbo, LPN

Abdul is a very diligent nurse who does his work with care, great professionalism, gentleness, compassion and patience. His customer service to the residents is well known and was pointed out by many. Abdul has a very positive attitude and “wears” his smile all the time.

Selamawit Gebremarian, CNA

Selamawit provides wonderful services that were described as extraordinary by one of the residents at Potomac Falls. She is gentle and kind. She systematically executes her duties with great dedication and reliability.

Dorcas Yeboah, LPN

Dorcas is a good humored professional who is fun, takes good care of her patients and makes them relax. She does her job very diligently. Her team can rely on her, she helps out wherever needed. Her compassion and care is highly appreciated.