January 2016

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Our Shining Star Program – We recognize team members who demonstrate unique and exceptional acts of customer service that is consistent with our values of being caring, committed and responsive. Read all about this month’s stars.

We would like to congratulate our Employees of the month for December. We have 5 this month.

siroosSiroos Abdollahi, Director of Maintenance

During the blizzard Siroos took great care of everyone – patients, resident and staff. He stayed here and worked day and night to clear snow and keep us all safe. He slept very little and made sure the center was fully operational. He prepped ahead of time and ensured we were ready. We appreciate all Siroos does each day but this was especially good!Nkechi

Nkechi Eke, CNA

Nkechi surprised all when she arrived for her CNA shift on January 23rd. She was unable to get into the Center driveway because it hasn’t been cleared adequately. When asked why she would drive in a blizzard to get here she stated, “I work a double, I had to come!”


Memie Kailie, Cook

Memie worked every day during the blizzard with the utmost dedication, she never complained.  All she said “I have to be here for our residents and patients, they need us”. The Dietary Department is blessed to have such a caring person on the team.

Thank you for caring.


Maria Rivera Smith, CNA

Maria walked 45 minutes during the blizzard to get to work. She was a sight for sore eyes when she arrived to work at 3 p.m. on January 23rd. Dedication to the Center as her fellow employees was shown with this selfless act!


Jorge Alarcon, Maintenance Assistant

Jorge worked day and night thru the snow storm – sleeping very little, if at all. He shoveled snow non-stop and made sure that all the residents, patients and staff were safe and warm. He did it all with a smile and never said no to a single request. Jorge also made himself available to provide orientation to new staff. Very proud to have him on the team.