New Employee: Glendy Reeves

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“Working with geriatrics patients have always been a great passion of mine, it has given me the opportunity to make many real differences in their lives.”

My  name is Mrs. Glendy Junius Reeves, and I  have been a Nurse for  over 20 yrs, and I have worked with  Geriatrics patients  for my  entire nursing  career. I  am a wife, and a mother of 2 sets  of twins and a niece.

My nursing  career stamps from the fact that  I had premature twins, and wanted to be able to  give back to the community, the same care I  saw the nurses at  VCU medical center give to my  21/2 months early  twins, that  weighed a total of 4lbs at  birth.

Working  with geriatrics patients  have always  been a great  passion of mine, it  has given me the opportunity  to  make many  real differences in their lives. The elderly  patients  are in a great  need of care and services, and so being able to assist  in  giving them the care they  need has been a real and true pleasure of mine. What  is most  satisfactory, is that you are in the position of being  the family member of advocate for  most  of them by  ensuring that their needs are being  met.

In working with  elderly  patients, I  have been able to learn 3 important  characteristic needed for life, showing  gratitude, understanding the importance of living regardless of the struggles you may  have, and learning  a lot  about what  Life is all about.

I  am so excited to  be here at  Potomac Falls, and I am looking  forward  to a great working  experience.